Flexographic Printing

We are reference in flexographic reels

We offer a quick printing service. The technical quality of our team and our expertise, turn us into your ideal collaborator for a daily service.
We have technology of central drum printing that makes every color spin with the same motive power and in this manner all colors remain centered at all times.
imprenta flexografica de alta calidad

Reliability is equal to high production
Our machinery of printing and rewinding have the tension fully robotized at the entry and the end, as well as digital aligner for the rims to be completely smooth. By that you can consume and take advantage of all the reels at 100%, because all of them are fully even, what save time adjustment in your machinery and the most important, you will save paper and product losses.

Our speciality is private label
Do not lose any customer because we are specialists in low print runs of private label. Our design department will advise you in the pre-impression in order to surprise your customers personalizing their image, thereby you will gain new markets by offering just what they need.

Quality suitable

for food use

Quick works without surprises.
The reel printing in a tight time do not represent and obstacle for us, even in a new creation work. We commit ourselves with the urgent orders and we are available all year round not closing in holiday seasons.

Improve is

warranty of future

Wide range of thermo-sealing materials which allow us to find ideal solutions for your more special proposals:

Coated paper, a classic “all-terrain” with an unbeatable glossy. It adapts to your product due to the several thicknesses and once printed gives a vivid color.
Polypropilene white and transparent, specially recommended for the optimum preservation of the product even in difficult conditions such as humidity. Offers a perfect sealing and a spectacular performance.
Aluminium complex, is our star material. Excellent presentation for your product and will preserve all the propierties, keeping it fresh like the first day thanks to its hermetic sealed.



Cut and rewind.
We have available cutting and rewinding to wrap with celofan lithographic boxes with transparent finished of high glossy.It is not a problem any longer the combination of measures and thicknesses that you may need, without burdening yourself with material. We can recuparate reels of width no longer useful for you, to widths that you can sell.