Pyramid Teabags

Your own brand

No initial costs of printing. We adapt your design for free. The maximum colors number are two colors. You can choose two types of patterns, with color background or white background. The tag size is bigger therefore we have more space for your logo and the tea name, even you can put several languages.

Maqueta de muestra

PLA filter

Add to your product the added value of being biodegradable. The material is manufactured with natural fibers from the corn and without synthetic preservatives. It is compostable in the term of one year, in a natural way without emitting pollution. Extract perfectly the tea taste with a silky touch. Ultrasonic sealing. Food certificate.

Natural filter NW

Nonwovens Natural Filter made with jute natural fibers. Specifically recommended for fannings teas. Classic format and the most inexpensive for your pyramid teabags. Ultrasonic sealing. Food certificate.

Mesh filter

The material Mesh PET is the most used all over the world to pack pyramids. Improve your presentation thanks to a erect shape and transparent. It let the tea taste passes trough in an intense and optimized way. Ultrasonic sealing. Food certificate.

filtro para infusiones biodegradable